Personal & Exceptional Care: At ROC Perio & Implants our focus is on you. We spend time with patients, answer questions, and build relationships. Our unique talent, state-of-the-art technologies, and advanced surgical techniques further support exceptional patient care. 

Every team membe puts  your concerns, your health, and your smile first. In short, we help you achieve your best smile. Then, seeing you smile means everything to us!  We look forward to caring for you. Call us at (585) 756-5566.

"Touching the lives of patients drives my practice. Putting people first is how I practice every day. Personal and exceptional care truly sets our team apart."

 - Dr. Roxanne Lowenguth
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“I went to Roc Perio to have a tooth extracted and an immediate implant put in. The staff and dentists made me feel very comfortable and explained in detail what they were going to do. The office is very professional and efficient. The actual procedure was painless. If you need an extraction or implant I recommend Roc Perio.”  - Douglas Ralph 

"ROC Perio & Implants is simply the best periodontist in Rochester. Dr. Roxanne took great care in planning my implant surgery after a lost tooth. Their 3D scan revealed a need for a sinus lift and bone graft before attempting the implant - ensuring the implant would be secure and long-lasting. Several months later, Dr. Lowenguth's implant surgery went flawlessly. Dr. Lowenguth truly cares and takes the time to do things right. Weeks later Roxanne's colleague, Dr. James Infantino - a surgeon with a lifetime of surgical and teaching experience - did my follow-up exam. His comment? "Remarkable work. She's simply the best." Finally, my regular dentist, who had referred me to ROC Perio, placed the final crown. She remarked similarly, "Dr. Lowenguth's work is just perfect."  - Brian Warner

 “Dr. Lowenguth and her staff are wonderful. Dr. Lowenguth never makes me feel rushed and encourages questions … I know she has other patients waiting, but I never feel that I am wasting her time or that she is hurrying me along. I feel confident that I will have the best possible care at Roc Perio and Implants. Thank you.”  - Lucina Hallagan 

 “I want to acknowledge and thank Dr Lowenguth, for the compassionate attention and professional care, that she has given me. There are not enough words to express my appreciation for her dedication, excellent care and compassion, it has changed my life! You always have gone above and beyond and worked tirerlessly toward a healthy and perfect solution. I feel so fortunate to know you and have you as my doctor. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”  - Mary Hingel 

 “Dr. Lowenguth and her staff are exceptional in every way. They are compassionate, honest and skilled. I highly recommend them to anyone who is in need of dental implants or periodontal work. They are by far the best in the greater Rochester area.” - Sandy Behan

“I met Dr. Lowenguth about 5 years ago when I had a serious bleeding problem after a local dentist had extracted an incisor. The resulting wound continued to bleed for more than a month and Dr. Lowenguth was recommended to address this problem. She quickly assessed the situation and used appropriate techniques to control the bleeding. The wound healed in 4-6 weeks. Dr. Lowenguth then used new imaging techniques to place three implants in the upper jaw with a minimum of problems. In the spring of 2018 I had two upper molar crowns and one lower crown break leaving broken partial teeth which needed to be replaced. Dr. Lowenguth had just started using a new tool called a magnetic hammer. This devise allowed her to remove the tooth fragments and roots with almost no bleeding and place the implants in the bone during the same visit. This devise is so precise that she was able to place a short implant in the upper jaw bone in an area with a very thin bone separating the sinus cavity. In the past, a technique called a “sinus lift” was necessary to thicken the upper jaw bone. Sinus Lifts are relatively expensive and time consuming. The new techniques Dr. Lowenguth is using may eliminate the need for most sinus lifts. Dr. Lowenguths use of new technology and skill as a dental surgeon place her at the top of her profession. She is without question among the top periodontist and implant specialist in the Rochester area. She is a warm and friendly person who spends time with her patients to explain the procedures.”

Dr. Robert Kreilick Professor of Chemistry, Emeritus 
Department of Chemistry University of Rochester 

“I have been a patient of Dr. Lowenguth’s for a number of years, and I have been very satisfied with the treatment and care I have received. I am confident that the generally fairly conservative treatment plans we adopted were appropriate and in my best interest. When more aggressive action was required, that treatment was delivered with an extremely high level of skill and professionalism. Any pain or discomfort I experienced during procedures was often minimal and usually far less than I would have expected or might have feared. I feel that Dr. Lowenguth is genuinely interested in the health of her patients and committed to providing the highest level of care. The same can be said for Claudia, the periodontal hygienist I see regularly and who keeps a watchful eye on my general periodontal health. In short, I would strongly recommend Dr. Lowenguth and her staff to anyone seeking periodontal care.” - Thomas Verhulst 

“I trust Dr. Lowenguth. It’s how I feel when she meticulously reviews my treatment options taking as much time as necessary to make me comfortable with our decision. I trust Dr. Lowenguth will take every suitable precaution to minimize pain,, take as long as necessary to get the best possible result, and bring to each procedure the necessary experience and knowledge. I trust Dr. L. to hire and train the most capable staff and treat them well so that they will treat me well. Periodontal procedures aren’t fun, but Dr. L. and her staff consistently do their best to provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Periodontal procedures aren’t cheap, but Dr. Lowenguth consistently explains the most cost effective treatment options for the best long term results. She tries to avoid financial surprises and her quoted price doesn’t go up extra office visits are in my best interests. Dr. Lowenguth was tenacious in dealing with my (worthless) insurance company until they agreed to provide reasonable reimbursement.” – Rob Boxer 

“Dr. Lowenguth treated my receding gum line and I would highly recommend her for anyone needing periodontal work. She explained several procedural options I could pursue, explaining both in detail and letting me chose the one I felt most comfortable with, with no pressure from her. She is honest, ethical and very professional. You cannot go wrong with her!”  - Terri 

 “I have an implant which Dr. Lowenguth performed over 8 years ago and have not had any problems. She performed a painless extraction, the entire experience was outstanding. She is very professional and accomplished, successful oral surgeon.” – Robert Tugel
“I have been a patient of Dr. Roxanne Lowenguth for over 15 years. Dr. Lowenguth brings to the community, a personal professional service of herself, her staff, and the facility. I would expect the same standard of excellence at Roc perio and implants.” – Daniel Brodowski 

“Dr. Lowenguth in many ways saved me from the paralyzing fear I had of dentists and dental work. She and her terrific staff not only reassured me of their expertise but delivered on those promises and then some!! Throughout the healing process Dr. Lowenguth was available to me with patience and genuine care. I was so happy with the outcome that I fly in from my home in Florida for any and all of my periodontal needs. I would highly recommend her or her colleagues for those tough or routine cases. The only way she could improve on her performance would be to move closer to me so I could save on my travel to her.” -Lisa Phillips 

“Dr. Lowenguth takes the time to clearly explain all options and how she would proceed, so you don’t feel rushed. She provides her cell number after a procedure so you can call her if you have an problems. She’s done an excellent job with my issues and is very meticulous in her work. The office staff is also excellent and friendly.” – Jayna Walker 

“Going to have dental work is never a pleasant experience, however, Dr. Lowenguth and her assistant made me so relaxed playing music and keeping me calm which helped me get through the procedure of having my dental implants. I would definitely recommend other to your office.” – Laura A. 

 “Dr. Lowenguth is excellent and I always feel that I am in good hands with her and the rest of the staff.” – Marilyn C

 “This was my fourth implant from Dr. Lowenguth The first three were completed about 10 yrs ago and still look excellent Dr Lowenguth’s highly skilled, precise workmanship coupled with an attentive and supportive staff minimized the stress of the experience. I am very pleased with the results and would not consider going to anyone else in the future.” – Margaret H. 

“I am completely satisfied with my implant. It feels just like a real tooth especially when it comes to chewing. Dr Lowenguth is a perfectionist and the finished product reflects that. The whole staff is very efficient and professional.” – Joanne S. 

“My experience having extractions and implants with Dr.. Lowenguth was surprisingly pain free, A pleasant cheerful professional staff! I experienced great outcomes utilizing her expert knowledgeable care. I definitely would recommend her for any periodontal work needed.” – Lynne K. 

“Dr. Lowenguth is an outstanding doctor that is very caring. She is someone who will go out of her way to make sure her patients are happy and satisfied. I would never go anywhere else for treatment! Highly recommend this practice.” – Katherine J

“Having been a patient of this practice, was truly a blessing. The work was completed in a timely manner, all visits were on time and everyone in the practice was professional and friendly. I would recommend this practice to all my friends and family. Currently loving my smile. Thanks to Dr. RL!” – Joanne M. 

“I’ve been going to Dr. Lowenguth for the past five years, and couldn’t ask for a more caring and professional dentist. I’ve had many complex dental problems, and Dr. Lowenguth has always been able to come up with a good solution and treatment plan. With some gum surgeries, as well as two implants (and one in progress) I always feel like I’m in good hands and trust that she’ll be able to fix my many complex dental issues.” – Lauren 

“Dr Lowenguth is a fantastic periodontist. I’ve had a few surgeries over the past year, and I couldn’t ask for a better person to do them. She is very attentive, helpful, and skilled. Any time I have a question or concern, she is right there to ease my mind, no matter what time of day. She is a wonderful person and I wouldn’t go anywhere else!” – Heather S

“I had an excellent experience with Dr. Roxanne Lowenguth! She is above professional and my implant procedure was literally painless! I would recommend her highly!” – Keith H

“Dr. Lowenguth is a true professional in every sense of the word. My implant procedure went incredibly smoothly and I felt that she truly took the time to assuage any nervous feelings I had about getting dental implants. My implants have worked tremendously well and I would recommend her to anyone looking to have a periodontal procedure.” – Jack M.

“My experience with Dr. Lowenguth and her practice was exceptional. Accommodating my insurance situation, she came into the office in the afternoon of her Friday off to perform my surgery. Procedure turned out to be much longer and more complicated than expected. Still, Dr. Lowenguth completed work with highest quality. I am really thankful for her compassion, expertise and patience.” – Ella K. 

“I would recommend Dr. Roxanne Lowenguth to anyone. She provides excellent service. I was terrified just thinking about extracting tooth but she did extraordinaire job. Her proficiency, diplomacy and personality are what makes the process goes nice and easy . I can not thank her enough for that.” – Marina 

“I am totally pleased with the personal and professional contact I have had with Dr. Lowenguth and her associates. She is a woman who takes great pride in her work, it is an honor to be one of her clients. I highly recommend Dr. Lowenguth.” – Nancy T

“Dr. Lowenguth was a pleasure to work with. She did whatever she could to make sure the entire experience of my periodontal surgery was as easy, painless, and stress free as possible. Her office staff was pleasant, she was very personable and she made sure I knew what to expect. During the procedure itself (which I was awake for) she was proactive about anticipating unpleasant aspects and got in front of them to make the experience better for me.” – Emma L

 “I first walked into Dr. Lowenguth’s office about 19 years ago. One of the first things she did for me was surgery for a beautiful permanent front bridge. She did my first three implants about five years later. I am now in the process of having two more implants done, my 9th and 10th. Dr. Lowenguth is a very talented surgeon and has always done lovely work for me.” – Ann V. 

“I have always been treated professionally. Have been shown great concern about my well being.” – Patricia J. 

 “I had very bad gum recession. Dr. Lowenguth and her staff made me feel very comfortable and assured me they could help get my gum health back on track.. After having Dr. Lowenguth perform a gum graft I am EXTREMELY happy and thankful for my results!!! I am no longer embarrassed to smile and my gums healed healthy and look great. I would HIGHLY recommend Dr. Lowenguth.” – Lauren C

 “Doctor Lowenguth made what could have been an unpleasant experience very easy. She allayed all my concerns prior to the procedure and was very proactive with aftercare. She is a great surgeon and I could not recommend her highly enough!!” – Jack M

 “Without exception this is a gifted and caring staff. They give their patients their time and undivided attention at each visit. Their priority is YOU!” – Carol H

 “I have been seeing Dr. Lowenguth for about almost 15 years. She and her staff have always gone above and beyond to make sure I am comfortable in the chair along with making sure my procedures have the best outcomes. I would not want anyone else working on my mouth.” – Brenda N

“Dr. Lowenguth performed more than one dental surgical procedures for me. This includes an implant as well as treatment for gum recession with grafting procedures. Her skill is exceptional in terms of comfort and care. I had a previous experience with this procedure and there was a significant and distinct difference in my level of discomfort and the healing process. Both were significantly lower with Dr. Lowenguth skill as well as her team that worked on my mouth.

In addition to the actual procedures, i have chosen to have my routine cleanings with her team. The office is extremely pleasant and efficient and I have confidence in the way this has helped my preventive dental health. Her team is wonderful. My husband, who has not had any periodontal issues also uses the services because he sees a distinct difference in the dental care. I am very grateful that I was referred to such a wonderful practice.” – Jackie K. 

 “Fantastic care and service. Dr. Lowenguth is amazing Friendly office and staff. Totally satisfied!” – Julie 

 “Dr. Lowenguth has helped maintain my periodontal health for over 10 years. Claudia, th practices hygienist is the best. She encourages, informs and provides the best cleanings I have ever experienced. The practice is focused on maintaining my periodontal health. I couldn’t recommend them more enthusiastically.” – Howard B. 

 “Roxanne is extremely smart, professional, and caring. I had a major oral surgery which involved extracting seven teeth, bone grafts, and a variety of other procedures.
Going to the dentist is my BIGGEST fear. When I first met Roxanne she helped to ease those fears, and I felt as though I could really trust her. Now that my procedure is complete, I can confidently say my trust was not misplaced! I would recommend her to anyone in need of an oral surgeon, because I believe she is truly one of the best.
Plus, she has a great sense of humor…. when your dentist is making you laugh, you know it’s a good sign!” – C.S. 

 “Dr. Lowenguth has treated me with friendly service and made the plan for my treatment with me. Her office staff is friendly and helpful. And Claudia has helped me learn to care for my teeth and gums, avoiding surgery. I would highly recommend this practice!” – Libby S.

“I have recommended Dr. Lowenguth to several other friends. They are now patients of hers. I have felt that Dr. Lowenguth is straight forward with information and gives a clear explanation of procedures. She shows an honest concern for her patients. My daughter, husband and I have all seen Dr. Lowenguth. We would never consider seeing someone else.” – Colleen M.

 “They are excellent friendly and professional. I recommend Dr. Lowenguth highly. She did an excellent job with the implant and plus diagnosis of a dental problem I had for 25 years and without sanctimony solved my 25 years problem.” – Christina Henderson 

 For more information about ROC Perio & Implants or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at 585-756-5566. We look forward to caring for you.