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At the practice of Roxanne Lowenguth, DDS, MS and James J. Infantino, DDS, we make our patients our priority. Why? We know teeth are important, and we care more about how we can make you smile more and eat better. Dr. Lowenguth and Dr. Infantino have both have long term practices in Rochester. They have has been trusted names for periodontal and dental implant surgery in Rochester, NY.

Roc Perio and Dental Implants is one of the first periodontal offices in Rochester to embrace the entire patient and take a whole health approach. We promote the health and wellness of each patient instead of the treatment of disease. Together with our knowledgeable and longtime staff, Dr. Lowenguth and Dr. Infantino maintain a comfortable, professional environment where your needs are met. It is our goal to provide truly patient-focused services and to understand each individual’s desire for treatment. We care for each patient as if they are a member of our family and customize therapies to help them achieve successful outcomes.

We are proud to offer a range of services including non-surgical and surgical treatment, cosmetic and implant dentistry, digital technology and sedation dentistry. We are sensitive to patients becoming more health conscious and increasingly aware of what they are putting into their bodies and the long-term impacts on their health. As technology has advanced and alternative techniques have become available, we have adjusted our focus to include healthier treatments and management options.

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