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It is very common for patients to have anxiety or fear related to dental treatments. From our beginning, the team at Roc Perio & Implants has been committed to providing compassionate dental surgery services. Our goal is to make your experience at our practice as stress-free and comfortable as possible. We offer many non-drug-related techniques to help our patients relax, including meditation, music, and aromatherapy, in a beautiful setting that does not feel like a typical dental office. However, if you require more than our natural and holistic approaches for relaxation, we offer various tiers of sedation.

Dr. Lowenguth has served patients from across the Greater Rochester area for over 25 years. Our practice provides comprehensive periodontal services including dental implants, gum disease treatments, crown lengthening, and more. One of the many ways our practice enhances these services is through sedation dentistry. We employ the use of traditional methods such as oral sedatives and nitrous oxide on a routine basis. We now offer non-traditional methods such as NuCalm and CBD products to reduce stress and anxiety during dental procedures.


Our staff is committed to environmentally safe and chemical free products. Additionally, we encourage our patients to consider all-natural non sedative approaches to relaxation as often as possible. We have integrated new technologies that enhance patient relaxation in the dental chair during surgery such as the NuCalm relaxation system.

The NuCalm is “the world’s first and only patented technology proven to lower stress and improve sleep quality without drugs.” In combination with eye covering and relaxation music, the Nu-calm utilizes a sub-sensory microcurrent to catalyze the effectiveness of the supplementation to interrupt the body’s natural stress response. Research shows NuCalm’s microcurrent helps balance the brain’s neurochemistry by re-establishing optimal neurotransmitter levels.

During your procedure, you will be fitted with noise-canceling headphones which will play relaxation music as well as a light-blocking mask to block out visual/aural stimuli and maintain the relaxed state. Then, the supplementation that comes as an ointment is applied behind each ear and left to rest before applying neuro-patches which will supply the microcurrent to facilitate relaxation.

IV Sedation:

If you are highly phobic or anxious, we can arrange to have IV sedation within the office with a Board-certified Anesthesiologist (MD) and support team of nurses to ensure you have a safe and relaxed visit. Dr. Lowenguth firmly believes that her attention should be fully on the dental treatment and leave the sedation to experts that have been properly trained in the medical field.

During IV sedation, the anesthesiologist will administer special medication into your vein. Throughout your procedure, we will monitor your vitals through a sophisticated monitoring system. The medication induces a light level of sleep. You will not feel anything but will still be responsive. Many patients feel the greatest advantage to this type of sedation is they do not have any sense of time passing, and they do not remember anything from during the procedure. This is helpful in longer procedures.

Oral Sedation:

Medications can be prescribed to help you relieve anxiety the night before to help you get a restful sleep. With another medication the morning of the procedure, you can achieve a level of sedation that make you sleepy but still awake, relaxed with amnesia (possibly not remember much of the procedure the next day). This type of sedation requires you to have a driver to and from the appointment and we recommend you do not drive the remainder of the day.

Nitrous Oxide:

Inhalation sedation or “laughing gas” is another option for relaxation in the dental office and is used routinely for lighter sedation. Nitrous Oxide sedation provides relaxation, reduced pain perception and amnesia (not remembering the procedure the next day). This type of sedation is completely reversed at the end of the appointment, allowing patients to resume their normal activities including driving within a short period of time.

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For more information about our sedation services or to schedule an appointment, please contact us today at 585-756-5566. We look forward to caring for you.