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Implant Dentistry

Dedicated Periodontists in Rochester NY

Roxanne Lowenguth, DDS, MS and James J. Infantino, DDS provide expert cosmetic and implant dentistry services to patients from throughout the Rochester, NY area. As experienced periodontists, doctors are committed to providing each patient with thorough, modern care and services. They have dedicated their careers to developing and implementing the best periodontal and implant procedures and techniques to ensure every patient receives the utmost individualized care.

Our practice is designed to be warm, comfortable and inviting. It is our goal to learn your individual healthcare needs and to shape our services to fit your goals. We understand the importance of receiving personalized care, and are dedicated to providing you with this at every level — from the minute you walk in the door to the completion of your treatment. We work directly with you and your referring dentist to determine which services fit your needs.

Dental Implants

Over the years, Drs. Lowenguth and Infantino have helped thousands of patients achieve long-lasting, healthy results for their smiles. They have vast experience dealing with simple to complex cases and will work individually with you to determine the best course of treatment and services. Drs. Lowenguth and Infantino bring their experience from graduate student teaching, exposure to cutting-edge technology, and research from the Eastman Institute of Oral Health and University of Rochester to their private practice.

Dental implants provide a restoration option for patients who are missing one or more teeth. We use only the highest quality implants for long-term and successful outcomes. In addition, we use the latest implant placement technology such as minimally invasive immediate implant placement — this can simplify treatment, lower costs, save time and reduce discomfort. We provide multiple implant options to secure your existing dentures, removable and fixed implant bridges, and dentures.

Whether you come for a single implant to replace a front tooth or need multiple implants, we make sure you receive an outcome you are happy with and that you are proud to smile again.

Remember, many dentists can place an implant in bone, but a good dentist is the one who can make it look and feel natural. We make sure you receive proper and careful planning well before the treatment starts to give you the result you want.

Cautious planning is the way to deliver predictable results. Please ask about how we use digital planning for safe and predictable outcomes.

There are many benefits to dental implants including:

Looks, feels, and functions just like natural teeth
Helps preserve tooth structure, (you don’t have to alter adjacent teeth to replace a tooth)
Helps to secure existing dentures or partials
Provides options for advanced chewing — you do not have to limit your diet to soft foods
You can enjoy foods again
Preserves facial and jaw structure
Renews your confidence in your smile and restores quality of life

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Which Should You Choose?

Patients are faced with tough choices on whether they should keep their teeth or replace them with implants. You may have heard commercials tell you that implants saved their lives, gave them their smiles back and eliminated all previous tooth problems. While in some cases, these statements have validity, most people fare better keeping their natural teeth when possible. With the right diagnosis, right treatment, and knowledgable doctor, most patients can easily keep their teeth.

What most implant doctors don’t want you to know is that implants can develop gum disease and lose bone just like teeth. Without proper care and planning, implants can suffer the same consequences as your teeth. This is why our office places importance on implant maintenance after restoration. We want to make sure that you protect your investment for the rest of your life.

There are many advantages to guided implant surgery, the most notable being it eliminates the guesswork of placing an implant and risk to the patient. To plan the surgery, we take a 3D image and model of your teeth. This allows our team to examine your mouth and oral structures from every angle and develop an implant placement plan. This is then used to fabricate a custom guide, which serves as a template for your implant placement. This guide allows us to safely drill into the jawbone and decreases the length of the surgery.

After the surgery, we can take an image of the healed implant using our digital scanner. This can be sent directly to your general dentist and their laboratory for the making of the final crown. This eliminates multiple steps at the restoring dentist office and saves time and expense to the patient.

Roc Perio & Dental Implants is the first specialty periodontal practice to offer metal-free ceramic implants. For patients that are concerned with the use of metal products in dentistry, this is a great restoration option. We place pure ceramic implants from one of the highest respected implant companies in the USA and Europe: Straumann, This product was developed as the result of 12 years of extensive research on safety and predictability.

There are many benefits to this type of implant including:
 Offers a metal-free option for patients who are concerned about their health and desire more holistic approaches
 High esthetic outcomes: the pure white color from the Zirconia implant offers no grey or dark coloration of the gum tissue results in a natural appearance
 The hypoallergenic material offers an alternative for patients who have allergies and sensitivities

Implant dentistry has revolutionized dental options and has changed and improved many people’s lives. Done properly, dental implants have a 99% success rate. This far exceeds conventional bridge success rate, where on an average 85% success rate at 7-10 years. Well made partial dentures can only deliver a fraction of biting and chewing force and will never compare to natural or implant teeth in terms of comfort or chewing function.

Standard Implants

High-quality standard implants are the ONLY system our practice will place for permanent, long-term tooth loss solutions. Not all implants are created equal and there are many brands with varying quality available on the market. It is our practice that only safe materials from the top implant companies are used on our patients. Be a wise consumer and ask what type of implants are used and be sure that all parts and pieces are from the same implant company and are not aftermarket parts. This can compromise the restoration, resulting in fractures and screw breakage.

Mini Implants

Mini implants are largely used as a temporary solution during healing of standard implants and in rare circumstances can be used in limited applications to secure a denture when standard implants cannot be used. This is the exception and not the rule.

Mini dental implants are being heavily advertised as inexpensive, simpler solutions to standard implants. Training is largely done in short 1-2 day classes by implant companies to sell products. This is far different than education for certified surgical specialists that train for years in surgical programs, hospitals or university residencies. Patients need to know that mini dental implants have a high failure rate, especially in the upper jaw. They are significantly smaller and thinner and frequently break under chewing pressure over time.

Choose wisely when it comes to who you trust as your surgeon and what materials are being used. Being educated makes for smart decisions in your health.

Digital technologies are transforming traditional methods of surgical and restorative implant techniques — allowing for more efficient and streamlined treatment. Utilization of cutting-edge technology, such as cone beam CAT scan, digital impressions, CAD/CAM milling, and 3D printing, allows our surgical team to properly plan every step of your treatment with your restorative dentist and laboratory before treatment begins. Proper planning and knowledge avoids costly mistakes and reduces pain and healing time, ultimately providing predictable outcomes.

Why should implants have problems? Aren’t they supposed to be permanent and last a lifetime?

Maybe you were lured into having dental implants by all the commercials and advertising for simple solutions to eliminating all of your tooth problems.

Periodontal problems must be addressed and treated before implants are placed. Proper brushing and cleaning are critical to implant health and patients with implants should be on strict cleaning schedules for the rest of their lives or they risk losing implants due to gum disease.

Implants can fail from excessive biting forces, improper design, and inferior implant parts and pieces. Long-term success begins with proper training of your surgeon, proper planning, and proper maintenance. Our team closely monitors your periodontal health around implants during healing and evaluates the final restoration within 3 weeks of placement. Any necessary modifications can easily be made at this point.

At a minimum, we monitor our patients on a yearly basis for 3 years. However, we do encourage our patients to continue to follow up in our office for traditional periodontal maintenance or yearly exams. Remember, success is measured in how long your implants stay healthy and functional, not just the result you walk out the door with.

Anterior Implants

Full Arch Implants

For more information about our implant restoration or cosmetic dentistry services, please contact Roc Perio & Implants today at 585-756-5566. We look forward to hearing from you.