Implant Dentistry in Rochester, NY

What Sets Us Apart

At Roc Perio & Implants, we embrace the entire patient. Instead of focusing on the treatment of disease, we take a holistic approach to promote the health and wellness of each individual we treat. We focus on developing relationships with our patients to better understand their desires for treatment. It is our goal to create customized therapies that help our patients achieve successful outcomes. We offer counseling and referrals to health care partners to assist the patient in eliminating risk factors.

Adjusting Our Focus to Improve Our Services

As our patients become increasingly aware of what they are putting into their bodies — and the long-term impact on their health — we have adjusted our focus to include healthier treatments and alternative options for our patients. Our team is sensitive to concerns patients have about foods, medications, and implanted devices.

We offer a range of alternative medications and toothpastes that are all-natural and chemical-free, as well as meditation and natural relaxation technologie. These include essential oils, CBD, and other topical treatments. In addition, we have substituted many commonly used chemicals in the office to organic, plant-based products. All materials used are sourced from vendors with the highest safety and quality control. We help the patient to receive healthy alternative options by offering:

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Alternative to Commonly Used Medications for Sedation & Reduced Anxiety

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Advanced Technology & Treatments

An important part of our care is identifying risk factors and behaviors that play a role in patients’ dental issues. We work diligently to diagnose the cause of the problem and address it as part of the solution. We believe in not only fixing your symptoms, but helping you achieve long-term results and great oral health.

To ensure we are accurately diagnosing and examining the state of your dental health, we utilize the latest technology within our practice.

 Utilizing Carestream Digital Technology in Our Practice

Incorporating up-to-date technology within our practice elevates our level of care. Our digital imaging equipment reduce exposure to radiation while providing superior images.

Carestream Cone Beam CT Scanner

This is one of the best machines on the dental market. It delivers a high-definition 3D image of the sinus, TMJ, and jaw bones with a minimal amount of radiation to the patient.

Carestream Digital Scanner

We utilize a Carestream digital scanner to take images of the teeth and examine the bite relationship. Using this machine eliminates the need for physical impressions.

 Ceramic Implants

Roc Perio & Dental Implants is the first specialty periodontal practice in Rochester to offer metal-free, ceramic implants. This restoration option is great for patients who are concerned with the use of metal products in dentistry. We place pure ceramic implants from one of the highest respected implant companies in the USA and Europe, Straumann. The implant is the result of 12 years of extensive research on safety and predictability.

There are many benefits to ceramic, including:

  •  High Esthetic Outcomes: The pure white color from the Zirconia implant offers no gray or dark coloration of the gum tissue, resulting in a natural appearance.
  •  The hypoallergenic material helps patients avoid issues with allergies and sensitivity.

 TMJ / Bruxism Treatments

To help manage TMJ pain, bruxism, and clenching, our practice uses BOTOX® . BOTOX® is an alternative to traditional treatment and can benefit patients who still have muscle pain, headache, or tooth wear while using night guards or splint therapy.

Clenching and grinding cause the destruction of the natural tooth, restorations, and bone around teeth and implants. BOTOX® can safeguard the investment in our patient’s dental treatment

Here’s how the treatment works:

  •  Neurotoxins such as BOTOX®, DYSPORT, and XEOMIN can be injected directly into two muscles that control the movement of the jaw.
  •  Relaxation of these muscles often results in substantial relief of muscle pain and headaches by reducing the engagement of the muscles, thus keeping the teeth apart during the day and during sleep.
  •  Reduction of muscle contraction and tension additionally helps to prevent further destruction of the tooth surface, wearing away of the crowns, and loss of bone around the teeth and implants. This prevents costly dental treatments.

For more information about our treatments, in-house technology, and how we can help improve your smile, please contact Roc Perio & Implants today at 585-756-5566.